Inside Jobs Notes and Reflection- White Collar Crime

Link for the movie to watch

While watching the film, you should take notes on the themes listed below. You do not need to write paragraph responses, you can simply submit pictures of handwritten, bullet-point style notes or typed notes.
Take note of the role of deregulation. Where do we see it occurring? What are the effects? How did it facilitate an environment that enabled the 2008 crisis?
Take note of how/why the housing market came to be understood as a ticking time bomb in the 1990s and early 2000s.
Take note of industry wide deviance in the world of finance. How do greed, abuse of trust, concealment/conspiracy fester in financial institutions.
Reflection Prompts
Do you remeber the 2008 financial crisis? What are your memories of it? Were you or your family impacted? How? Did you understand the magnitude of the event before watching the film?
Why should we understand the 2008 financial crisis as a case study of white collar crime? Use concepts, terms, and theories from throughout the semester (as well as evidence from the film) to support your response.
Submit the note you will take. The reflection (answering the prompts) should be around 250 to 300 words.

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