Intro to Software engineering question

What is the difference between a nongenerative and a generative pattern? (5 points)
What are design patterns? Explore four security related design patterns, one pattern that focuses on confidentially, one pattern that focuses on integrity, one pattern that focuses on availability, and a fourth one, that focuses on privacy. Discuss the security problem each of these patterns solve, the context for which the pattern can be applied to and the forces (constraints, limitations). (20 points) Provide references for each.
Consider one of the following interactive applications (20 points)A secure automated course registration system for a university
A secure library management system
An Internet-based polling booth for public elections
A secure home banking system

Develop a user model, design model, mental model, and an implementation model, for any one of these systems.
Develop two additional design principles that “reduce the user’s memory load.” (5 points)

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