Journal Entry Session #2

Please See Instructions and Textbook that also includes Chapter 7.
Use Scan Textbook as source.

My View point is based off my Christianity beliefs. A good death for me is growing old and have lived a full life full of joy and you go to sleep one day. Dying without illness or pain.

I had an aunt who died of cancer and utilized Palliative care.

I was an organ donor for a couple of years and decided against being a donor. Due to the fact a freak accident happened so I wondered if they would do all they could to revive me.

Minimum 2-3 pages

Format –

Times New Roman
12 point font
1 inch margins
Double spaced
Fully developed paragraphs following basic Academic Writing Standards
Title Page is Included but not counted in the total number of pages required.
Reference Pages do not count in the total number of assignment pages required
Copies of Artifacts, documentation, photographs, etc. do not count in the total number of assignment pages required.
APA Style

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