Journal: Evidence-Based Practices and Recommendations

This assignment provides you with an opportunity to reflect on evidence-based practices and technology, as well as emerging healthcare issues. For this assignment, choose an emerging healthcare issue or trend of your choice; it can even be an issue you identify as part of your final project.

Briefly summarize the issue or trend. Explain how healthcare or public health professionals have developed strategies and responded to the issue or trend. Discuss how those strategies have been informed by evidence-based practices or advances in technology. How would you change the strategy as a result of your analysis? Make at least one recommendation to healthcare or public health professionals that is informed by your analysis.

Include a personal reflection and make connections to your own experiences as noted in the rubric.

This reflection will help you prepare for your next assignment, Milestone Two: Analysis, as well as Milestone Three: Recommendations, due in Module Seven.

For additional details, please refer to the Reflection Journal Guidelines and Rubric document.

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