Lab report

Lab report 1 due december 30th by 11:59 pm:

Topic: comparing the gram stain acid fast stain and endospore stain

Lab reports are to be written like an original research paper.
Due to the nature of how we are doing labs an abstract does not need to included.
The first section is an Introduction.
It should be labeled introduction in bold. In this section you explain the topic of that lab, the chemistry behind how the test works. Why is this test performed and how it helps distinguish between different types of bacteria.

Next section is material and methods.
Label it Materials and Methods – bold.
This section lists materials used and how the test is performed.

Results is the next section.
Label it Results – bold

I will give this information and you will include it in the paper.

The final section is Discussion
Label it Discussion – Bold

In this section you discuss the results of each tube and or plate, positive or negative. In context of the lab what is the significance of the data.

References – List any and all sources used to write the lab report.

There is no page limit. The more thorough your lab report the better the grade.

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