Land Use Board Meeting report

Select a local land use board meeting to attend or review online, preferably an actual real-time meeting, but a recorded hearing is acceptable. This can be your New York City Community Board (either the Board or the Land Use Committee), the NYC Planning Commission or Board of Standards and Appeals, another jurisdiction, i.e. town, village, city or county land use board, (Planning or Zoning Board of Appeals). Please watch the meeting and attach a copy of the agenda if available. Be sure to note not just the specific cases, but also the general nature of the meeting (formal or casual, like a court or a neighborhood conversation, how the meeting is conducted, dress (whether board members or attendees are in business attire or casual) the role of applicants and their lawyers, architects, engineers and planners, as well as any advisers (such a municipal counsel or engineers) to the board.
Report should be 4-5 pages

Citation Style:

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4 pages / 1100 words (Double spacing)

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