Leading and Developing People

Is Employee Engagement still relevant in organisations? Critically argue
using both academic and practitioner evidence.

Please structure the answer in this way:

1. Introduction: This should be a brief paragraph of a couple of sentences-no more, which introduces the topic and highlights what you will be discussing. Please do keep this section brief, as you will need the majority of your word count for your main body of work. Do include some definitions from the literature of key terms here, as this could be really useful

2. Main body of work/analysis: using relevant literature and employing critical analysis throughout. In this section please make sure that:
a. You are answering the question and not going off-topic
b. You are using relevant academic/practitioner literature and relevant, recent research throughout to justify your arguments
c. You are employing critical analysis throughout-this means you are not just describing theories/frameworks/approaches/models and arguments; what is important is to be able to compare and contrast arguments in the literature, considering if theories/frameworks/models/paradigms/research etc are valid and realistic, drawing on evidence and relevant literature to justify your arguments and ideas, weighing up different or opposing arguments and/or synthesising different arguments in the literature to support your ideas and develop well-reasoned arguments of your own.

3. Conclusion: The conclusion should be brief and concise: in this section, please draw together summarise the main arguments of your analysis and conclude with a finishing remark that clearly answers the question and summarises your approach to this. While the conclusion should be brief, pay proper attention to this section; it is extremely important as it brings together the main points of your analysis.

The answer should consist of study, identify and describe the main characteristics in-depth. make a judgement on the strengths and weaknesses of the arguments for and against something state your views on something, supporting them with evidence and/or explanations emphasise similarities but don’t forget to mention differences emphasise the difference, but don’t forget to mention the similarities Criticise – make a judgement about the merit of the statement Be specific and give the results of your scrutiny outline the main features in an ordered way weigh up both sides and make a judgement

**((The answer count should be exactly 1000 words without counting the reference))
***The reference should be from books and journals, not a website

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