Leading teams

APA format

Select 7 scholarly articles that will support your research paper and create an annotated bibliography. For our purposes, think of an annotated bibliography as nothing more than a brief descriiption of what a given resource is about.

Each of the seven entries should contain the following three elements:

1. The name of the resource/reference

2. A first person summary that explains what the resource/reference is about

3. A paragraph that states how the article supports your research paper.

No reference list is needed because you are providing references in the assignment.

For an example of an annotated source in APA format, see link below:

Creating Annotated Bibliographies
Based on APA Style


Do not copy and paste the descriiption of the resource you are using from the web and pop it into your annotated bibliography. If you do this, it will be considered plagiarism and scored a zero. The idea is to write in first person and in your own words. Simply write out what the resource is about in first person.

Articles are attached!

The research paper is about Leading change within a organization (leadership)

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