Lesson plan: inquiry based learning – Fraction to video

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Part 1 Assignment use rational math template to create lesson plan :
Part 1 – 1110 words
Based on the readings ,and you tube video you are going to create a lesson plan using the to promote Module 7: Using Inquiry to Promote Conceptual Understanding.Please use the teacher guide lesson on Fraction and video to create in a lesson plan. I will provide a sample lesson plan template to fill in and formate that you can just plug in. Also , I will provide a teacher guide of the lesson,The reading is for you to understand inquiry based learning . create a lesson plan on rational numbers to decimal . lesson plan should be a 45min lesson . I have attached a sample and the template for you to complete using the rational number number lesson plan using the material to create a lesson that show inquiry based learning.

part 2 – 500 words answering the below questions

watch video :

and incorporate lesson with questions ask during video.

use video provided of the lesson that you planned in the synchronous session for Module 7: Using Inquiry to Promote Conceptual Understanding. Timestamp the video to identify where you implement:

Any instructional routines
Each of the five elements of an effective inquiry lesson:
Pose a focused inquiry question that is aligned with the goal for the lesson
Students generate answers to the task and make observations about their answers in relation to the inquiry question
Circulate to observe the different ways students are approaching the task and ask questions that can help students clarify their ideas
Debrief the focused inquiry question with a structured sharing of student ideas
Stamp the key points at the end of the discussion

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