Literacy Narrative — Revised Draft

Hi. This is a Literacy Narrative essay. I submitted my first draft and I got B, so I have a final draft submission. The professor provided feedback and she graded based on the rubric, so please take a look at the rubric, and try to revise the paper. I also uploaded the instruction for this paper, so please read it, and at the end of the instruction, you will find the requirements for an A paper. the professor’s feedback is”I really enjoyed learning about your experience of reading! Your narrative is intriguing, and your language flows smoothly. Excellent work. My main suggestion for revision is that you pay greater attention to how you learned to participate in a particular community related to reading. For example, you mentioned that your family is active readers, especially your father, but it took you a long time to become interested. How did conversations with family members, especially with your father about books, evolve as you began to read more broadly? How did your place in your family community change as you become more involved in written and spoken discourse on different subjects?”. please feel free to add any information that you feel will make this paper better. the rubric that I uploaded is for the first try, and there are some sections I miss grades for make sure to focus on them. all information in this paper is not real, so you can add anything.

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