Literature Question

Please write a paper in which Charlotte Brontë deals with the three global concerns that are woven together in Shirley – gender, religion, and social class – and whether the novel’s focus on those conerns, together and separately, allows for a unified text. Construct an argument that engages with the question of whether she tries to do too much, from a narrative standpoint.
Trace at least two of the three concerns (gender, religion, class) through the novel, looking at the ways in which they intersect with each other: is Brontë’s narrator ever simply talking about gender, religion, or class, or is it impossible to separate these strands? How does her choice of narrative strategy (using an omniscient, unnamed third-person narrator) affect the way that we understand any argument being made about the larger issues at play in the novel? What in short, is the message that we, as readers, take away from Shirley, and how is our understanding of that message affected by the novel’s treatment of multiple social concerns?
Please write a clear argument based on close readings of at least three scenes from the novel. No outside sources are neccessary.

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