Making a professional resume

I have a resume already made, I need it to be Professional for the job am applying for. I will send my resume and I will have the job description.
Job description
Rig material, parts, and equipment; to lift, move, and position onto a ship or around the yard.
Convey instructions to crane operators and forklift drivers
Locate, load/unload materials and equipment on and off ship and in and out of yard.
Test and install rigging equipment, such as cargo booms, elevators, boat davits, booms and portable davits.
Control movement of heavy equipment through narrow openings or confined spaces.
Select cables, ropes, pulleys, winches, blocks, braces and cushions according to weight, distribution and size of load to be moved.
Perform other related tasks as assigned, some of which may become essential to the position.
Strong knowledge of all rigging equipment
Ability to test shipboard and yard equipment.
Ability to work at heights and in confined spaces
Good manual dexterity, hand/eye coordination
Ability to use loud speaker, telephone, and give proper hand signals
Ability to stand and climb for a long duration of time
Wire rope, slings, cables, rope, pulleys, winches, blocks, braces, cushions, nylon slings, chain falls, come-alongs, shackles, other rigging equipment, test gauges
Frequent lifting, carrying, pulling and pushing rigging equipment or material to be rigged. Climbing and balancing on scaffolds, walking, stooping and crouching to fit equipment into rigging gear, reaching above head at shoulder level or below to rig equipment, continuous manual dexterity, seeing and hearing, crawling through small openings as needed, kneeling. Ability to give proper hand signals to crane operators and other workers.
Exposed to fumes, dusts, mists, odors, and gases that may cause harm to the respiratory system. Exposed to constantly moving machines and mechanical parts. Exposed to high level of constant noise.

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