Management and Controls

Two links will show the concepts covered
Case Question: Module 5
Read the case Canadian Broadcast Corporation and the Ghomeshi Sex Scandal: Was it a Case of Ignorance is Blissand watch the corresponding video, “The Unmaking of Jian Ghomeshi”. Identify an issue in the case that relates to a concept covered in Module 5 (refer to the course schedule for associated topics and readings) and recommend a solution to the issue.
To fully address this case question, you should do the following:
1.Provide an accurate description/summary of the course concept,
2.Clearly describe how the course concept applies to the case, and
Make a recommendation for a change that CBC could implement related to the issue identified.
Your response does not have a word or page minimum, but should clearly, accurately, and thoroughly address all three parts to the question.
IMPORTANT: All responses should be attached in Microsoft Word or PDF format!
Your response will be evaluated according to the following rubric:
Course Content Description (5 points): A specific course concept/theory related to the Module is identified and a clear, accurate, and detailed description is provided.
Case Application (5 points): A relevant and specific example from the case is provided as an application of the course concept, and a clear, accurate, and detailed description of how the concept applies to the case is provided.
Recommendation (5 points): A specific, feasible, and well-thought out recommendation is provided and is relevant to the problem and course concept identified.
Writing Quality (3 points): Points may be deducted for: prevalent grammatical errors (spelling, punctuation and sentence construction), inappropriate word choice, or disorganized structure. The application should be in your own words (not plagiarized from the text), and appropriately cited.

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