Management Question

Topic of the paper: Leadership through followership
Request: This work consists of writing an adequate research paper based on the topic mentioned above. Considering the fact that this is a writing task, it is vital for it to be written at a native English writer level, without incoherency or grammar errors ( otherwise the professor won’t accept this work). The research paper should be double spaced¸APA format, 10 pages (excluding cover and reference page as these elements are never considered in academic papers). The work needs to include all the following: Table of Content, Executive Summary, Introduction, Key Concepts, Conclusion, References.
Key concepts mean definition of leadership through followership, trait, Strengths and Weaknesses, etc.
To better understand how to write this research paper, the attached article contains some concepts about leadership through followership that may be helpful to you. (This can be one of the references)
The work requires to include at least 5 academic references, no older than 2016, cited in APA Format.
Please follow these basic rules:
No plagiarism as the professor will check the work through Turnitin
Demonstrated clearly how these topic ideas applied to leadership.
Objectives well crafted.
Critical Perspectives
No grammar errors or incoherency.
Use headings and subheadings to point out that the subject is approached in detail.

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