Management Question

VALUE STREAM MAPPING (Note: You must use Excel or Word in order to complete this assignment)
Note: The topic must be something simple, for example, a value stream mapping on Baking for Friends or College Recruiting Process, please feel free to pick your own topic but let me know which one it is before starting the work)
The aim is to apply this tool to an application for the data
Oil Change VSM.xlsx (Please see the attached file)
Another tool is a value stream map, VSM. It is a high-level
illustration of a process, often in summary form. For this assignment, your job
is to use the excel file provided. The data represent the steps in changing the
oil in an automobile.
Hints: Copy the data to another worksheet. Find the time to
perform each step. Calculate the wait times between steps.
Summarize the overall value add time and non-value add time.
Refer to the example shown in class and others you may find for aid.
A VSM is a one-page illustration. Submit a completed VSM and a
one-page narrative to supplement the diagram. Your write-up should include a
summary paragraph of the process and a statement where
in the process would you commission a team to study and improve.
there are 3 parts to a VSM. The header with a title and
start and stop images. Next, is the stream comprising the value add a sequence.
Finally, a summary up/down line as a summary for active value add and non-value
add events. Use summary data and icons for a good-looking VSM.
For reference, here is the link to the steps used on Caitlin’s
exercise on Thursday evening
Value Stream Map Process Steps.pdf
(Please see the attached file)
Lastly, here you have a picture
of her finished result so that you can see how she used the steps (that
are basically the ones attached in that PDF file) in order to achieve that finished
work/value stream mapping.

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