Management Question

This is a 3-page assignment with an APA cover page and APA reference page for a total of 5 pages. Add an introduction that states the purpose of the paper. Then detail the 3 sections of your paper as follows (use these three subheadings):
1. Time Analysis. Complete a time log in a table format (see sample below) that indicates the number of hours you spent in week one (Monday through Sunday). Be sure it totals 168. Write what you learned from this analysis. Center and label this figure in your paper Fig.1 – My Weekly Analysis.
Figure 1
My Weekly Time Analysis
# of Hours
2. My Strengths. Use an online instrument (you choose) or other source (properly documented) that indicates your work strengths and work preferences
3. My Next Professional Goal. Detail your next professional (not educational) goal with a minimum of two references and an enumerated list of steps and target dates. Be as specific as possible. Be sure to state why this goal is important to you. You are also encouraged to use the writing center and NU library (see below).
Requirements: 3 Full Pages Times New Roman Size 12 Font Double-Spaced APA Format APA Cover Page and APA Reference Page Totaling 5 Pages
Use the book I provide as one of your references once you are selected to work on the question 🙂
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