Management Question

The Assignment`s learning Outcomes:
Instructions to read the case study:
In the 2nd assignment, the students are required to read thoughtfully the “ Nestlé WatersUnifying real-time visibility across 26 factories” case study , and answer the related questions, upon successful completion of the assignment the student should be able to:
State the importance of standardization and quality standards ( CLO2)
Use quality improvement tools and practices for continuous improvement to achieve the organizational change and transformation ( CLO3)
“ Nestlé Waters Unifying real-time visibility across 26 factories” case study
Access the below link to download the case study PDF:…

“ Nestlé Waters Unifying real-time visibility across 26 factories”
case study
This case study demonstrates the application of change management inside Nestle Waters Company. In addition, it discusses the companyneed for quality improvement which encouraged its engineers to search for alternative system to collect and analyze their data. Read the case, by using your critical thinking skills answer the following questions:
Explain the driven reasons for changing the quality documentation system in the Nestle Waters. ( 1.5 mark )
Outline the change objectives for both Retail Manufacturing and Home and Office Manufacturing units. ( 1 mark )
Howthe InfinityQS® ProFicient™ system can control the operation processes? ( 1 mark )
Describe the management role in the change process? ( 1.5 mark )

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