Marketing Model Canvas

Assignment Brief: Throughout the world developing and implementing marketing plans is the hallmark for the Marketers. Most of the corporations see ability to develop and manage marketing plans as an important pre-requisite for the top marketing slots. Most of the current CEOs are also known for their ability to plan and execute marketing plans.
Key Deliverables: You are required to develop a marketing plan for the assigned product/service/brand (which I chose Amazon)
Submission requires presenting an Excel worksheet on Marketing Model Canvas.
Customer Segment – Target Customers (geographic, demographics-psychographics, behavioral)
Customer Profile –User/Buyer Profile (Age, Gender, Income, Social Status, Preferences etc)
Customer Needs – Top 3 customer problems
Customer Wants – Top 3 must have features
Buying Process – Customer path to purchase
Competition – Alternate solution Providers
Value Propositions – (Unique selling point)
Positioning (Perceptual Map)
Product Strategies (Product Line Strategies)
Pricing Strategies (Price-Adaptation Strategies)
Place Strategies (Distribution Strategies)
Promotion Strategies (Advertising, PR, Sales Promotion, personal Selling, Direct, Digital)
Branding Strategies
International Marketing Strategies (Export, Joint Venture etc).

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