MATH 153 Fall 2021 Inferences from Data on the “Working Poor” in the U.S

:MATH 153: Introductory Statistics is a general education course designed to assist students in the development of critical life skills. One of the goals of this assignment is to assess student competence for each of these objectives:
Written and Oral Communication— effectively communicate the results of a statistical analysis.
Critical Analysis and Reasoning—perform hypothesis testing to draw inferences regarding parameters.
Technological Competence— select appropriate technology to manage data, explore data, perform inference, and check conditions.
Scientific and Quantitative or Logical Reasoning— analyze bivariate data using linear regression, generate and interpret statistical graphs.
Personal and Professional Ethics— construct a solution to real world problems.
ASSIGNMENT: There is a population of workers in this country who are employed but who do not earn enough in wages to securely cover the cost of their family’s basic needs. Although the numbers vary by state or district, these individuals and their families are similar in that they cross racial, cultural, and local boundaries. They are considered the nation’s “Working Poor.” This common graded assignment was designed to allow you, the Introductory Statistics student, to explore some data that may be related to this population. Through the use of multiple statistical concepts covered in your MATH 153 course you will complete the provided assignment below to demonstrate your understanding of the manipulation of data, the use of technology in statistical analysis, the relationships between related variables, estimating population parameters, and hypothesis testing.
Purpose: To assess your understanding of selected key statistical concepts through the use of real-world data related to the working poor in the U.S.
Audience: Present responses as if addressing individuals with a basic but thorough mastery of the appropriate statistical concepts and procedures required for the completion of this assignment.
Directions: Please complete this assignment by responding specifically to each of the items 1-15, provided. According to the instructions you will be expected to use technology to make calculations, to create and include graphical displays, and to support your responses with complete, well-organized, and clear statements and interpretations.

All assignments must be completed using word processing software like Word.
All responses must be typed in Times New Roman 12-pt font.
Page margins should be set to 1” all around.
Approximately 5 pages typed, and double-spaced.
Include requested graphical displays using cut and paste from statistical software.
You will use the included data file on the Working Poor to complete the project.
On your submission, please type each question with your answer below each question.
This assignment will account for 10% of the total course grade.

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