Mathematics Question

In this discussion, you will use exponential and logarithmic functions. During the COVID-19 pandemic the number of new cases, and new deaths, is reported each day – we watched in horror as these increased in the US in the last few months, and have now seen them decrease slightly over recent weeks if we social distance. If the growth rate is positive, the number of new cases each day is increasing, if the growth rate is 0, the number of new cases stays constant. What is needed to keep the epidemic under control is for the growth rate to be negative and hence the number of new cases to be decreasing. As the CDC encourages social distancing, wearing masks, washing hands, and standing at least 6 feet apart, the hope is to flatten the curve. Answer the prompted questions for this discussion:Research and write about covid-19. What are the current rates at this date? What are the race disparities (percentage)of Covid-19? How has are the growth rates compared to other places in the world? Discuss how it has affected you. (100 words or less)The COVID 19 graph above indicates two type of graphs. What type of graph describes the “No social distancing” graph? What type of graph describes the “social distancing” graph? In general, what is the relationship between exponential and logarithmic functions?In the COVID 19 graph above find the exponential function.

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