media and ethics

In this course we have considered various ways in which media and ethics intersect. In this paper
I want you to write about what you think is the greatest ethical failure of the media. Consider the following questions in when writing your paper: can you give an argument for why we should
agree with you that the ethical failure you are writing about is indeed an ethical failure? What are some of the consequences of this ethical failure? Who is responsible for this ethical failure?
What should be done to rectify this failure?

topics covered in class if it helps
– freedom of speech and censorship, public sphere
– representation of race in mass media
– propoganda
– science and the media
class readings:
vaidhyanathan – copyrights and copywrongs
hooks – eating the other
Noble – algorithms of oppression
debord – the society of the spectacle
Conway – merchants of doubt
Herman and Chomsky – a propoganda model
Horkheimer and adorno – the culture industry: enlightenment as mass deception

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