Military Psychology

Succinctly answer each of the questions below. Responses should include appropriate citations and references in APA format to support your views. Your completed exam should not exceed 700 words.
1. The military has been a leader in the area of selection and classification of new recruits. Additionally, the military has focused on cultural and gender diversity. Describe how the military has used selection and classification procedures to facilitate and enhance cultural and gender diversity in the military. Provide examples either from your own experience or from the news media where selection and classification can be used to increase cultural diversity.
2. Leadership training in the military has taken several approaches. Regardless of the leadership training approach, leaders must be able to successfully guide teams to complete the mission. Discuss how teamwork and teamwork training can inform the selection and training of leaders in the military. Include in your discussion examples of positive and negative impact of leadership skills on teamwork from your own professional experience.
3. Some soldiers and researchers have declared that sexual assaults in the military are at epidemic proportions. Describe the current situation in the military based on the two PBS videos, “Military Sexual Trauma” and “Rape in the Military.” Discuss what the military is doing to overcome this problem and identify recent sources that indicate what progress has been made.
In your responses, you should:
Cite sources and references appropriately using APA format.
Integrate the material from diverse sources including several chapters from the text as well as scholarly sources and media outlets.
Incorporate your professional and/or personal experiences for the first two questions.

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