You will be participating in an interesting exercise of negotiation that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. As you can see below, I have created pairs of negotiators: in each pair, one of you will be Dr. Roland, and one of you will be Dr. Jones. Since we have an odd-numbered roster, one pair will consist of 3 people. (Cartilia and Ela, Dr. Jones, should commiserate with each other first; then negotiate with Magda). I will send confidential information about your role to your SPS email address, so be sure to check it. The pairs are:

I am Dr Jones

This is what I have so far please add on… try to come to an agreement.

Premise: Mr. Cardoza, a fruit exporter in South America, has 3,000 Ugli Oranges, and apparently there are only 3,000 such oranges in the world crop this year. Dr. Roland (Antonio) is planning to place a bid for the oranges. However, Dr Jones (Alyssa) has also expressed interest in buying the Ugli Oranges.

Objective: Before approaching Mr. Cardoza, Dr. Roland and Dr. Jones need to come to an agreement to see who can get the available Ugli Oranges.

DR. ROLAND: Good evening Dr. Jones. This is Dr. Roland. As you may already know, I am the head of pharmaceutical development at Greenpoint Labs. My company is working on the development of a medication that may be of significant importance for our society, but for us to continue with our research, we would need to get a hold of some Ugli Oranges, but so far we have only been able to find a fruit exporter in Venezuela who has them.

It also came to my attention that your company may also be interested in purchasing these oranges, so before approaching Mr. Cardoza (the Venezuelan exporter) and to avoid a bidding war that’s going to inflate the prices of these oranges, I wanted to first talk to you and ask if it is possible that you’ll let us purchase these oranges this time around. Please let me know at your earliest convenience.

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