Option 1 Ali Smith, Hotel World

‘The way in which each section is narrated – either by the character whose story we are witnessing or by someone else (e.g. an authorial narrator) – has consequences for the manner in which we as readers tend to “hear” or understand it.’

ESSAY QUESTION: (Doloughan, 2019, p. 191)
Write an essay in which you discuss the role of the narrators in Ali Smith’s Hotel World. How do the different modes of narration contribute to the meaning of the novel?

Each of these questions asks you to write an essay of no more than 2000 words on a particular theme or feature of a Book 1 text. If you choose Option 1, you are asked to write an essay on the role of the narrators in Ali Smith’s Hotel World. If you choose Option 2, you are asked to write an essay on the use and functions of the supernatural, ghostly imagery in Edmund Blunden’s Undertones of War. If you choose Option 3, you are asked to write an essay on the exploration of love in all its forms in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things. In each case, you are asked to focus specifically on how each of these themes or features contributes to the book’s meaning.

Each question is prefaced by a quote excerpted from one of the module chapters. Each of these quotes is taken from a wider discussion of the themes or features identified in the TMA question. (In some cases, the quotes have been adapted slightly for the purposes of clarity.) You should pay particular attention to the points or arguments made in the quoted section of the question and you may find it useful to engage with or address these directly as you write your essay. You will also find it useful to reread the relevant sections of the module chapter carefully as you prepare for your TMA.

While the module chapters will provide your most immediate source of critical commentary on the issues raised in the TMA question, you might also want to draw on the work of other critics. The references at the end of the module chapters will point you in the direction of useful books and articles relevant to the TMA question, as will the Further Reading pages for each text posted on the A233 website.

For advice on how to structure and write essays, look at section 5.4 of the Assessment Guide and at ‘How to write an English Literature essay’ in the English Literature toolkit, which can be found on the English subject website. You can also look at the extensive Study Skills section of the Help Centre, available via StudentHome.

‘How to write an English Literature essay’ includes a section of tips on ‘Using the critics’. The online and print teaching materials for Part 1 have given you practice in reading and thinking about critics’ work; for example, see study week 9 (on Hotel World), study week 11, section 6 (Undertones of War) and study week 13 (The God of Small Things).

REFERENCE : Doloughan, F. (2019) ‘Ali Smith, Hotel World: a close reading’, in Gibson, J. (ed.) Realism. Milton Keynes: The Open University, pp. 185–216.

Both chapters have been attached, please use them 🙂 Also, please do not include an introduction as I have a lot of word count to fill up.

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