Organizational Change

This will be a discussion post discussing organizational change at my local university (Kentucky Wesleyan College). While the COVID pandemic has played a substantial role in higher education enrollment and retention rates, my current employer (Kentucky Wesleyan College) continues to fall abnormally short of projected student numbers each semester. To help alleviate this situation, the new VPAA has enlisted in a professional technology company to revamp the school’s website in hopes of attracting more potential students and increase yearly enrollment rates. Furthermore, each campus visit is accompanied by one of the school’s faculty members, depending on the intended student’s interest, to improve relationships and build stronger personal connections.

Fullan (2016) discusses three phases of the change process including initiation, implementation, and institutionalization. For this particular assignment, using Fullan, M. (2016). The new meaning of educational change (5th ed.). Teachers College Press.
Chapters 4, respond to the following topic: Synthesize and apply what you have learned from the course readings to a change effort within your school or district. Begin by briefly describing the change initiative. Which phase appears to be most applicable to your current situation and why? What were the effective aspects of the change initiative? What were the ineffective aspects? Critically analyze the overall change effort and share the one most important recommendation that you would communicate to school or district leaders to improve the overall initiative. Include references from the literature, as appropriate, using APA citation.

Discussions require a response to specific questions that results in collaborative conversations and construction of knowledge that builds and expands learning within the course. You must support your Discussion postings and responses with references, unless you are asked to provide personal opinion or personal reflection for a specific question. Unless noted otherwise, your initial discussion postings should be approximately 250 words in length, substantive and scholarly in nature.

I have attached the powerpoint for this section to elaborate on the assignment expectations, as well as previous discussions and other recommended resources. . Make sure to research Kentucky Wesleyan College to understand what the current work environment entails (

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