Organizational development

Optimized Human System
1. Identify 3 major initiatives you could take up based on this week’s coverage.
2. Give a clear idea of current state and what changes you propose to bring.
3. What do you feel would be the benefits of doing this?
Optimized Operations
1. Identify the most critical processes in your organization.
2. Identify at what level are they as per the Pyramid Model.
3. Identify the interventions to improve the level.
Optimal Culture
Identify the cultural values you would like to focus on.
Discuss the methods to build the culture using artifacts, communication, leadership and HR policies.
Organized Knowledge
1. Identify some knowledge areas which you want to widely propagate.
2. Using SECI Model design steps for
a) Socialization
b) Externalization
c) Combination
d) Internalization
to ensure knowledge is widely propagated.
All questions need to be answered, the organization selected is Dallah Health. In other words, your organization in the questions is answered by Dallah Health.

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