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Sinful behaviors (economic and otherwise) can be observed in single individuals (slavers, like John Hawkins), groups (colonists supporting, enforcing, and benefiting from slavery), institutions (monarchies and governments benefiting from slavery), companies (East India Company), countries (all colonial powers and cultures benefiting from slavery and/or any form of bondage; British, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, etc.).This is an economics class that evaluates sinful behaviors within the Economy. Do not forget to always strive to see the bigger picture (all possible other aspects and dimensions the problem may entail).Always cite the sources and data provided in the course to support your statements in all your assignments. You can also use supplementary sources if you deem it necessary, but make sure they are properly accredited academic resources (see Information Literacy folder on the left column for further information). Discussion – After reviewing the materials available to you this week, respond to the following questions:Watch the video above explaining what macroeconomics and microeconomics are and post one example of sinful behavior in a macroeconomics context and one from a microeconomics context that you may have experienced or come across in your life. What was the motivation for these behaviors? (Make sure to refer to the Motivation Theory that applies in each case. Follow the video about Motivation Theories to identify which ones apply to your examples).What were the consequences of the sinful behaviors described in your examples?What, if anything, could change the behavior?Using the short reading expanding on the Incentive Theory provided above, post an example of a financial incentive you have received either as a costumer or as an employee. Did the incentive work in this case?

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