Ottonian and Romanesque Art and Architecture

You begin a post with the assumption that you are a bishop in a European city after the turn of the millennium.

You need to make a case to your city and to the Church in Rome for both the permission and the money to build a Romanesque cathedral with accompanying Romanesque art.

Other students commenting on your post are either:

The local nobles who rule the territory
The rich bourgeoisie in the city who have a lot of gold
The Church in Rome that controls religious dogma and all the money
St. Bernard with his Cistercians who accuse all of you of being ostentatious sinners because their architecture and art is more originally Christian.
Bear in mind that the powers-that-be who are fighting with the bishop are only familiar with what they see as the solidity and clarity of Ottonian art and architecture.

Cite specific examples with their formal details in developing your argument. No killing allowed, at least, initially. And, you must respond to whatever arguments or threats your opponents present.

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