Pathophysiology in Nursing

Assignment Instructions:

Review the case study analysis topic below. Then, using the Case Study Analysis Assignment Outline, write a 6-8-page paper (including title and reference page).

You are caring for a 13-year old adolescent girl admitted and diagnosed two days ago to your pediatric unit with Type 1 diabetes. Her primary care giver is her mother who is present at the bedside.

Case Study Analysis Assignment Outline:

Brief overview of the pathophysiology of the disease. Include:
What lab abnormalities would you look for?
What diagnostics would you expect to see?
Give rationale.
Implications for Self-Care
How does this disease process impact the patient’s and/or their care provider’s ability to care for themselves?
Consider Maslow’s hierarchy of needs
Application of Orem’s Theory of Self-Care.
Patient Education Strategy
Consider educational strategies and a plan of care for your patient based on the implications for self-care section. Support with rationale.
Interdisciplinary Collaboration
What interdisciplinary team members need to be included. Include rationale.
Consider nutrition, discharge, transition, and financial implications
Case Study Analysis Paper Guidelines for Submission

Name the paper with a File Naming Protocol: When you save the paper, name it: LastName_NSG 3300_CaseStudyAnalysis_1.docx
All discussion and papers should reflect clinical and professional patient/cases, and not references to personal or family issues. Please provide current and professional, work/clinical-related experiences in your papers. For recent graduates, you may provide examples from your clinical rotations.
A minimum of three references should be used in this paper. References should be no more than five years old. Exceptions include seminal works, such as original publications by nurse theorists. Use only scholarly references (peer reviewed) or authoritative resources, such as the Institute of Medicine, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, or Healthy People 2020 websites. **If you have questions about the use of scholarly sources, please ask your course faculty
All papers should be written in APA format (6th edition). This paper should include:
Formal components, such as a title page, and APA formatting with an introductory and conclusion paragraph that summarizes the key concepts
APA-formatted level headings
APA margin, font, and paragraph spacing
APA headers (include page number)
Appropriate in-text reference citations
A reference page, in correct APA format

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