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According to Mitra innovation organizations, need to be adaptable and or flexible to be able to manage the complex processes with the organizations, be able to:

Adapt to innovate the organization, we have changed pretty much every day need to adapt to continue in the market, get ideas to resources, search and routines, forecasting and implement new trajectories (Mitra, 2017).

agility is the ability to be quick and flexible to innovative strategies, as we know technology has changed businesses to adapt to use electronics, IT, and biotechnology to adaptive organic and operation (Mitra, 2017).

The ambidexterity is the structure, process, reward, and people combination do to something for the first time, have a reward system to able to motivate people to get goals (Mitra, 2017).

Is important for big or small companies to think of innovation, is this include expanding, having a different vision, I think innovation needs leadership efforts to have a positive change to adapt to the new change.

Mitra, Jay. (2017). The Business of Innovation. Sage Publications, LTD. (UK).


Toys R Us what went wrong, I really loved this store after I had my kids since having everything for my kids, birthday gift, do not forget also the Baby R us too, we have an example of the company have closed down, since technology has taken over, order online, today kids play more online videos games.

After Toys R Us filed bankruptcy, after years amounting debt, having big competition retailers like Walmart, Amazon, and Target taking over online services, this contributes that Toys R Us to closed their doors, innovation hurt the company to keep the customer, incorporate technology and to change to consumer behavior (Wharton University 2018).

Toys R Us, CEO David Brandon had mapped out a goal of upgrading online sales, store renovation to augmented reality the shopping experience, but many (couple hundred) stores were set to close the doors, to rest get healthy (Bomey 2018).

The company has too many debts to keep running, accumulating $5 billion ins liabilities, one of the problems too they close back in September 2017 before the holiday season, which could help them since holidays move a lot of people to get presents.

Wharton University of Pennsylvania, 2018

Bomey, Nathan, USA Today, 2018

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