Personal Statement

-A personal statement from the candidate showing evidence of motivation to complete the degree and competency in written expression

About me:
During my past working experience in the healthcare industry, I actively worked as an active part of the administrative and management teams. I served as the main point of contact for customers and helped manage long-term relationships. Being proactive, I developed and implemented plans to deliver a superior client experience and diligently supported and educated several patrons, using behavior analysis and emotional intelligence techniques.

Besides my working history, I have an academic background in Exceptional Student Education. I am currently pursuing different certifications, including ESOL endorsement, Reading Endorsement, Registered Behavioral Technician, and a B.S. in Exceptional Student Education K–12 . I have also passed the Professional Education Exam that enables me to cater to the individual learning needs of each exceptional and differently-abled mentee.

Additionally, I have exposure to working with special needs children in-home, and medical settings as two of my children and two nephews are on the autism spectrum and ADHD, and one nephew with Down’s syndrome. While obtaining RBT certification, I have acquired knowledge of applied behavior analysis (ABA) techniques that gave me an in-depth understanding of how a teacher influences students’ lifelong learning and how to help students in their academic, social, and personal growth.

As a resilient individual, I am always enthusiastic about implementing my ideologies and fostering positive professional relations .

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