Pestle Analysis

1. Please do a PESTLE analysis on Macro-environment of home cooking movement.
2. Swot analysis : Conduct a SWOT analysis on Foodnome.
Full Instructions:
1. Analysis Instructions: PESTLE analysis. Use scientific evidence (empirical data and references) to discuss the six macro-environment factors that bolster or impede the growth of home cooking operations. Similar terms referring to the home cooking movement include home restaurant operations and microenterprise home kitchen operations (MEHKO). Note that home kitchens are different from “ghost kitchens”, which are kitchens operating in a central kitchen facility (also called commissary kitchen facility, commercial kitchen facility) by renting a kitchen spot.]
[Scoring Instructions: 5 pts per PESTLE perspective, each perspective should include at least two factors; by default, you are supposed to use scientific evidence (SE) in any combination of the following forms: data, reference, and logic reasoning; an argument without the support of SE will not be counted.]
2. SWOT analysis
[Analysis Instructions: Conduct a SWOT analysis on Foodnome. As a pioneer in promoting home kitchen operations, Foodnome has been facing tremendous challenges when taking pride in doing the “right” thing – only operating in areas that have legalized home kitchen operations. As a startup, Foodnome’s thrive hinges on external fundings such as ventural capital. Think about what venture capital investment favors and what Foodnome lacks.]
[Scoring Instructions: 20 pts; include an overall judgment of Foodnome’s business performance and the SWOT factors, and each factor should include at least two perspectives with SE]
Please cite sources used.

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