Philosophy questions

1.Explain why ataraxia is such an important tool for the hedonist.
2. Explain the place of reciprocity in the philosophy of the ethical egoist.
3. Why is breaking a promise wrong according to Kant? Explain (inform your answer of Kant’s categorical imperative’s reversibility and universalizability angles).
4. How can one disrespect oneself. Applying Kant’s definition of respect give a personal example where you may do (or have done) precisely that.
5. What is the relationship between virtue and eudaimonia in Aristotle’s virtue morality? Explain.
6. John is a “C” average student, but he has decided he wants to become an “A” student and apply for Honors College. Supposed you are a seasoned college advisor. How would you counsel John to go about becoming an A student based on Aristotle’s idea of right habits?
7. Why is character so important for Aristotle? Explain.

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