Phsycogical ethics

Wilson has an MBA; he had specialized in marketing and advertising.he just had a job with tv XYZ though a competent and innovative person with outstanding performance when he was persuing his MBA yet hhe got this job with great difficulty d to recession in the job market. He had somehow managed to find this job through a contact of his uncle. The boss of the company wanted him to somehow persuade a well known newspaper to avoid reporting on a controversial corruption charge against him and instead write articles to cover him up. Wilson was not convinced that his boss was clean in the case ; on the other hand, the newspaper was willing to accomodate the boss, if the organization came out with a large size advertisement in his favour.
Recently , Wilson’s father died living his wife and three daughters (who are Wilson’s siblings) with Wilson alone in a disastrous condition to help himself and his family.
What should Wilson do ? Let’s discuss

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