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This paper is meant for you to review the purpose of your organization, its primary mission, and how this comes to life every day, who the organization serves, how your department fits into the larger picture, and their diversity and inclusion efforts. You will then evaluate the organization’s “performance.” Specifically, what are the areas in which the organization succeeds and why? Which areas could the organization improve? This can relate to external factors (such as how they view fans/customers) or internal (their organization culture, leadership, etc.). Your paper should provide solutions to the areas of opportunity. Organization -Student athlete development
mission: Student-Athlete Development is committed to providing programming, opportunities, and resources to enhance and support the student-athlete experience from recruitment to graduation and beyond.
We focus on 4 areas:
Career Development
Cover letter and resumes; internships, job searching, shadowing opportunities, networking, LinkedIn, Graduate School, PATH-Med, Career Exploration
Community Outreach
Opportunities at local elementary schools, UNC Hospitals, Habitat for Humanity and other non-profits
Carolina Leadership Academy
Student-Athlete Advisory Council
Affinity Groups – BIPOC Student-Athlete Collective, Athlete Ally, Women’s Group, International Student-Athlete Group, SA Racial Equity Allyship Group
Workshops – topics of concern to support the development of well-balanced lifestyle, and encourage emotional well-being, personal growth, and healthy decision-making
Values: Serve, Lead, Development, Engage

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