Political Science Question

The term paper will be automatically checked for plagiarism using Turnitin via Canvas. It is not necessary to create an account on Turnitin.com to submit this assignment.
Students may not submit work from a previous semester or from another class for this assignment or any other assignment in this course. It will be flagged for plagiarism by Turnitin.
Length: 1500-2000 words, in addition to a bibliography/works cited page
Formatting: Double –spaced, 12-pt font, Arial or Times New Roman Font
Bibliography: a minimum of 3 academic sources; preferably peer-reviewed publications and books. One of these must be a book reference. These academic sources are in addition to your textbook/weekly readings/lectures. Do not use Wikipedia as an Internet source.
Although Buddhism and Hinduism share similar beliefs, their approaches to the self, or the ‘soul’ are very different. Explain the metaphysical and practical distinctions between anatman and atman, and how these concepts tie into each religion’s unique approach to the sacred (god/gods) and the path to salvation. Make sure you specify which branches of Buddhism and Hinduism your analysis is tackling.
The following resources can assist with your research for this assignment:ATLA (Links to an external site.) Religion Database
JSTOR (Links to an external site.)
Web Site evaluation video (Links to an external site.) (4 minutes) (Please note that this video from YouTube does not have captions, however, you can review the info about Chrome Live-Caption should you require captions in order to view the video)
Web site evaluation guidelines (Links to an external site.) from Berkeley

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