practice questions

Following the Eightfold Path to attain enlightenment, or Nirvana, is a central tenet of __________.
One of the tragedies of looting cultural objects from places like Koh Ker, in Cambodia, is _________.
Group of answer choicesmuseums won’t buy themthey are too heavy to ship
we can’t identify the objects
we can’t bring the pedestals
Buddhist stupas are oriented toward the four cardinal directions. These represent _________.
Group of answer choicesthe four sacred rivers in Indiainternational trade routes
the Buddha’s life
the four palace gates
The domed shape of a stupa represents_________.
Group of answer choiceseternal realm of deceased ancestorsharmonious forms of nature
a person seated in meditation
spiritual love of the divine
A person who delays achieving enlightenment in order to instruct others on Earth is called a __________.
Group of answer choicespilgrimVedic
The pose of the Bodhisattva from Gandhara shows an awareness of __________.
Group of answer choicesJapanese realismArchaic Greek scupture
Classical contrapposto
Gothic stylization
In the Standing Buddha, the Buddha’s enlightenment is symbolized by his __________.
Group of answer choiceselongated earlobesexpensive jewelry
simple monk’s garment
In the Hindu sculpture, Shiva as Lord of the Dance, Shiva represents __________.
Group of answer choicescyclic timeveneration of ancestors
the power of the ruler
At the Kandarya Mahadeva Temple, spiritual unity with the divine is expressed by the __________.
Group of answer choicesenergy of natural elementssacred form of the stupa
erotic scenes carved in relief
stories of the journey to Nirvana
The best place to study ancient Chinese architecture is in__________.
Group of answer choicesShanghaiBeijing
After 800 BCE, the influence of Buddhism and Hinduism spread due to __________.
Group of answer choicespopular burial practicesRoman conquest
the Mongol invasion
traders and merchants
Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism influenced the art and culture of __________.
Group of answer choicesJapanIndia
Southeast Asia
Chinese ritual vessels include images of a monster with wings, claws, and horns called a __________.
Group of answer choicesbodhisattvataotie mask
garba griha
The individualized features of the Terra Cotta Warriors of Qin can be described as_________.
Group of answer choicesnaturalisticstylized
In Chinese culture, the “inner life force,” or spirit that animates all things, is called __________.
Group of answer choicesqigarba griha
In contrast with the monumental painting style of Northern Song painter Fan Kuan, the style of Southern Song painter Ma Yuan is_________.
Group of answer choicesphilosophicalabstract
In Travelers Among Mountains and Streams, Fan Kuan used the small scale of human figures to symbolize the __________.
Group of answer choicesEightfold Path to Nirvanaamateur status of literati painters
pleasurable aspects of ukiyo-e scenes
vastness of nature
After the conquest of China by the Mongols, artists who refused to work for the new government created __________.
Group of answer choicestaotie masksukiyo-e prints
relief sculpture
literati painting
Which of the following artworks demonstrates the Confucian principle of respecting the past?
Group of answer choicesthe Terra Cotta WarriorsTawaraya Sotatsu’s Waves at Matsushima
Qiu Ying’s Fisherman’s Flute Heard Over the Lake
The Approach of Krishna
Bada Shanren’s Cicada on a Banana Leaf exemplifies the style of __________.
Group of answer choicesJapanese ukiyo-e printsChinese literati painting
Southeast Asian Hindu painting
Korean book illustration
Because it was the only color that could survive the higher temperature, early examples of Chinese porcelain are decorated in __________.
Group of answer choiceswhiteblack
The indigenous religion of Japan that worships nature and ancestors is called __________.
Group of answer choicesShintoDaoism
Zen Buddhism
At the Shrine at Ise, surfaces are left unpainted to symbolize __________.
Group of answer choicesrebirthenlightenment
Ancient Chinese and Japanese Buddhist architecture is exemplified by the design of __________.
Group of answer choicesAngkor WatBorobudur
the Great Stupa at Sanchi
Horyuji Temple
Katsura Detached Palace connects human-made elements with nature by using __________.
Group of answer choicessliding screens as wallsa bracketing system
the symbolic form of the stupa
multi-storied pagodas
At the temple complex of Horyuji, the Buddha statues are kept in the __________.
Group of answer choicespagodastupa
garba griha
Unkei’s Muchaku exemplifies Japanese art’s characteristic use of __________.
Group of answer choicesVedic symbolismvivid realism
relief sculpture
The Zen Buddhist priest Sesshu painted in a style called haboku, which means __________.
Group of answer choices“abstract forms”“poetry”
“flung ink”
Tawaraya Sotatsu’s Waves at Matsushima is an example of a __________.
Group of answer choiceshandscrollbook illustration
literati painting
folding screen
Japanese ukiyo-e prints depicted __________.
Group of answer choicespoetic landscapesthe ruler and his court
the everyday world
historic battles
What activity do believers participate in at the Great Stupa at Sanchi?
Group of answer choicessurrounding it to form prayer circleswalking around it in meditation
entering it to hold spiritual readings
entering it to perform ritual sacrifices
What two structures influenced the design of the Buddhist pagoda?
Group of answer choicesburial mounds and defensive wallsthe Indian stupa and Chinese watchtower
Greek and Romans temples
palace gardens and domestic architecture
What function does the Womb Chamber (garba griha) serve in a Hindu temple?
Group of answer choicesIt houses the image of a godIt houses donations from worshippers
It houses the sacrificial food for the god
It houses incense used in ceremonies
What kind of decoration is found at Borobudur?
Group of answer choicesrelief sculptureabstract designs
carpet patterns
Angkor Wat was originally __________.
Group of answer choicesa Cambodian palacea Shinto shrine
surrounded by moats
the burial site of Siddhartha Gautama
During the twelfth century, the ruler of Cambodia thought of himself a descendent of __________.
Group of answer choicesShivaSiddhartha Gautama
Found on Chinese bronze vessels used to honor ancestors, the taotie represents __________.
Group of answer choicesan individual metalsmith’s signaturea meaning unknown to us today
an avenging god
an underworld creature
The original function of the Terra Cotta Warriors was to __________.
Group of answer choicesguard the afterlife of the Emperor Qin Shihuangdiact as a faux army guarding the Great Wall
decorate the imperial palace
be given as gifts to loyal military commanders
What aspect of Qiu Ying’s Fisherman’s Flute Heard Over the Lake best demonstrates respect for artistic traditions of the past?
Group of answer choicesHis subject matter references the harmony of man and natureHis poetic treatment of the landscape evokes an emotional response
He imitates the style of the master Fan Kuan
His image depicts a scholar-poet in meditation
What distinguishes the construction of the Main Hall of the Inner Shrine at Ise?
Group of answer choicesIt is built annuallyIt is built without nails
It is painted and stained
It is built by Shinto monks
What element of Japanese ukiyo-e prints influenced nineteenth century European artists?
Group of answer choicescentered balancecropped composition
calligraphic brushwork
What is a unique feature of the religious sculpture in Cambodia during the Khmer Empire?
Group of answer choicesstone carvings that appear to be portraits of real rulersthe development of new religious figures
the elimination of Buddhist sculptures
the defacement of religious sculptures
What was one consequence of Confucianism on ancient Chinese art?
Group of answer choicesEroticism was integrated in many visual formsOnly realistic imagery was permitted
Innovation was approached very cautiously
Painting was considered a trivial art
What was one way that Chinese artists elevated the status of painting?
Group of answer choicesThey introduced calligraphic brush techniquesThey developed new tools for painting
They encouraged public exhibitions of painting
They encouraged the development of oil painting
What are the red marks that frequently appear on Chinese hanging scrolls and album pages?
Group of answer choicesownership stampsartists’ signatures
titles of the works
What technique did Korean artists develop for manuscript illumination?
Group of answer choiceshandmade parchmentslip-inlay
strands of gold and silver
What technique was developed in Japan to hold up heavy tiled roofs?
Group of answer choicesarchesbracketing
groin vaults
flying buttresses
What is one difference that distinguishes Japanese painted screens from western easel paintings?
Group of answer choicesPainted screens were only executed in naturalistic stylesPainted screens were not considered works of art
Painted screens functioned as focal points in interior settings
Painted screens were rapidly produced
What is one element of the haboku style that was set by Sesshu Toyo?
Group of answer choicesprecise line worksimplification of forms
abandonment of landscape
religious subject matter
What technical development is represented in the Lotus Sutra, created in Korea during the fourteenth century?
Group of answer choicesfolding screensukiyo-e printing
metal type
slip-inlay technique

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