Preliminary list of sources(literature review)-Climate Policy in Qatar and the MENA region: Success and Failures

-I’m A Master’s degree student—public Policy major (Environmental and Energy policy).
-I’m working on a capstone project(Thesis)—Tittle: climate Policy in Qatar and the MENA Region: Successes and failures.

-I will upload a proposal of my capstone project, so you can have an idea about the project.

-I want you to help me with the literature review. you already found nine sources, and I would be grateful if you could help me find other sources( 11 sources more). Write a literature review for each one of the 11.

-To be more precise:
In the two pages, you will have a Preliminary list of sources(literature review).

•Have 20 selected high-quality, relevant literature titles identified. A core set of representative Literature reviews and sources from different dominant.

•15 out of 20 should be academic.

•20 titles identified and reviewed.
You should have the basis: Peer-reviewed academic journal articles and book chapters. Still, also you should look at Existing policy briefs, government documents, white papers, and reports from NGOs and international organizations, documents government documents(laws, national documents, national vision, national development strategy, decrees and other documents that gov or international organization has issued as far they are matter and relevant to your thesis(you don’t have to use all).

Data: you should use data, especially numbers. (double-check the statistics that you will use), you can find them in international organizations, World Bank, OCED.

•Don’t rely only on peer-reviewed academic literature but have the peer-reviewed academic literature as the core and foundation of everything.

•The literature review has basically three steps:

1)List the 20 titles.

2) Write a short summary(one paragraph per title), so you will have 20 mini paragraphs ( not just repeating abstract, but it should be a critical reflection on that individual title and how it fits within your work).

3)provide a note where each title goes on your thesis(in which part or parts of your outline they fit). Dear writer, imagine writing the project and deciding each source where you will use it.

#NOTE: Dear writer, I have already found 9 sources, so you have to search for 11 more (in total, it will be 20).

I will upload the literature review of the nine sources you can add to the 11 once you are done and edit it.

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