presentation summary report

please select one video and watch the video and write a summary in the GIVEN FORMAT.
The Art and Science of Marketing Analytics
• Data science in Customer Lifecycle Journey
• How To Drive Efficiency with Marketing Analytics
Submit a Presentation Summary Report (2% of final grade in Discussion Score 8%) under NYU Brightspace Discussion due 11/24 6pm ET
– Attend a Tech Talk Workshop (See options)
– Write a one-page summary report (more than 300 words)
• (10 points) One paragraph: summary of the Tech Talk location, time, or link
• (20 points) One paragraph: what the Tech Talk Workshop talks about?
• (20 points) One paragraph: What interests you most about this Tech Talk Workshop
• (20 points) One paragraph: List at least 4 points that you learn, and you think the skill is useful to use for your own project presentation
• (20 points) One paragraph: what can be improved from the Tech Talk workshop
• (10 points) Reply to one of your peer’s discussion post

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