Presenting concerns with Boss on my return-to-office

I am requesting a professional letter to address my superior of my concerns with returing to the office due to Covid-19 cases that have spiked in Montgomery County, MD (I have provided the Youtube video link below to give you more insight. Directly from the County Executives Marc Elrich’s mouth).

I would also like the mention of if he (my boss) is aware of any updates from the “higher ups” as to any leniency with the apprach of holidays rapidly approaching and the requirement of reporting to the office? The concern is other potential employees and peers alike possibly having exposure to more family and friends than last year due to mandates.
The (3) topics of concerns I would like addressed in the letter are:

1.) 13% increases in cases in the past week and have seen consective days in “substantial transmission” status. Which has now triggered regulations to reinstate the indoor mask mandate starting 11/20/2021.
2.) Family and friends are expected to gather for the Thanksgiving holiday in much larger numbers than last year. The concern is that peers alike are cognizant that the pandemic is not over. In addition, to making sure their guests are vaccinated, and that accomidations to space out guests and being smart and safe with Covid-19 during the holidays.
3.) I have a child who is not old enough to be vaccinated so my efforts to stay safe are also for the protection of my child’s health.

Youtube Link:

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