principle management

Looking at Strategy
As we learn in chapter 6, strategy is a plan for what the organization will do next – how they will compete, how they will be different from competitors, and how they will succeed. In this assignment, you’ll examine the strategy for a company you choose, and learn to identify the various types of strategies.
Locate an article about strategy, preferably using one of the websites below. Keep in mind that strategy is a broad concept; keyword searches may not produce good results. Instead, look at items like the current results of a firm, or a decision that a company makes. For example, Campbell Soup Company purchased Garden Fresh in an attempt to diversify: (Links to an external site.)
Fortune Magazine (Links to an external site.)
Inc. Magazine (Links to an external site.)
Fast Company (Links to an external site.)
BusinessWeek Magazine (Links to an external site.)
Forbes (Links to an external site.)
The Wall Street Journal (accessible for free through the library database)
Include a link to your article, and be sure it’s from a qualified business media source.
Respond to the following:
Provide a brief summary of the article, and how it is an example of strategy. (Brief = a paragraph of 5-7 sentences)
Analyze the business environment for the industry where the company is located. What trends/changes are occurring in the marketplace?
Identify and describe the current corporate-level or business-level strategy.
Going forward, what do you recommend this company do to become more competitive?

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