In this course, you will research a topic of your choice and write an APA style proposal for a research study in your discipline. The process of developing your research proposal will take place over the duration of the course, and by the end of the course, you will have a complete research proposal to submit.

For this first milestone, you will complete Processfolio #1. Since there is a lot that goes into designing a sound research study, this Processfolio document is intended to guide you through your research study proposal.

Your Processfolio is intended to evolve throughout the course based on your self-assessments and feedback from your instructor. You are expected to make changes based on your instructor’s feedback.

For Processfolio #1, you will brainstorm two potential topics that you are interested in conducting research on and reflect on them prior to making a decision about which you want to pursue.

Fill out and submit your completed Processfolio #1 Download Processfolio #1for this activity.

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