Fall2021 NUTR 313 Written Project Instructions
Learning Outcomes: • Students will gain an understanding of how to identify evidence-based information on the Internet. • Students will be able to identify fallacious health information on the Internet. • Students will be able to differentiate between reliable and fallacious nutrition information and thus make wiser choices on the content they get and share on the Internet. In this written project, you will have an opportunity to apply what you have learned about distinguishing between evidence-based and false nutrition information, in a social-media setting. Every day, we encounter social media “influencers” claiming information that may or may not be true. With what you have learned in this course so far, you will identify/red flag a valid/invalid nutrition claim on your favorite online platform. Follow these simple instructions: 1. Watch the written project lecture video. a. It is key that you watch this video so you can easily distinguish reliable vs. fallacious nutrition information on the Internet. 2. Find a video, social media post, or blog with nutrition claims or nutrition portrayal. a. Ex: A person selling X supplement, has no credentials, is a gym “rat”; A nutrition lecturer giving advice on good sources of Calcium

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