Project Proposal

You are required to produce a 1500-word research proposal on a key and relevant topic of your choice. The research proposal should consist of
• An Abstract which summarises the key elements of the proposal
• An Introduction which gives a background information on the project to be investigated with overall project aim(s), research question(s) and research objectives.
• The scope of the project and what work is to be done
• Justify why this project needs to be done
• Brief indicative literature review on the topic to be researched with relevant theoretical and conceptual models
• A methodology section-explaining the procedures for data collection
• A Gantt’s chart that illustrates the project duration and schedule
Persuade the reader that you are qualified for the work, have a plausible management plan and technical approach, and have the resources needed to complete the task within the stated time.

Completion of this assessment will address the following learning outcomes:
Assess and apply techniques and processes used to investigate an important strategic organisational issue or problem.
Propose and plan a research project.
Critically analyse a business problem using both practitioner ad academic material

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