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Cattell-Horn-Carroll Intelligence Theory (CHC) concentrates on the general intelligence with a couple of revisions latest one in 1993. A Three Stratum theory including abilities of, Fluid Intelligence, that include the ability to work through basic problems in everyday situations utilizing rationality; and Crystallized Intelligence, that is acquired by education and experience. Six more abilities were added including domain specific knowledge, visual spatial abilities, auditory processing, broad retrieval, cognitive processes speed, and decision reaction/ speed making it even more robust compared to Modern IQ tests which don’t necessarily measure all of these broad abilities specifically in possibly more realistic situations. Assuming that the individual is of school age between the ages of 6-16 the best assessment for this Intelligence theory would be the WISC5 that is able to target Primary Factor Scores in Verbal Comprehension, Visual-Spatial, Fluid Reasoning, Working Memory, Processing Speed, Ancillary Scores in Quantitative Reasoning, Auditory Working Memory, Nonverbal, General Ability, Cognitive Proficiency as well as Complementary Scores in Naming Speed, Symbol Translation, Storage

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