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For this assignment, you will use your knowledge of performance management, supervision, teamwork, and communication to develop a comprehensive 12- to 16-page Performance Management Plan Portfolio to enhance staff/trainee improvement in a given environment. You are an ABA team of professionals working within a system that requires assessment and training to maximize the performance of the staff or stakeholders within that system.
this part is a 3 to 4 page answer of the questions listed
Case Study 1: Home Program
Chloe is a 4-year-old little girl diagnosed with a developmental disability that impairs her socialization and communication skills. She has just received approvals for the implementation of a home program for 16 hours per week, which includes both discrete trial training and incidental teaching programs as well as parent training to support Chloe’s socialization and communication goals, which include functional communication training using a verbal behavior approach. As the BCBA that oversees the program, you are responsible for supervising two registered behavior technicians as well as supporting training for Chloe’s parents and her grandmother, who frequently babysits Chloe while her parents are at work.
Training: Develop a set of training procedures for staff. Be sure to provide a discussion of why your outlined procedures were selected and how they will be implemented. This rationale should be grounded in evidence-based literature.
Performance Monitoring: Develop a tool for monitoring the performance of staff. Provide an explanation of your monitoring tool and how the monitoring process will contribute to effective management of staff performance.
Feedback and Reinforcement: Discuss your team’s strategies for providing feedback and reinforcement regarding staff performance. What are specific considerations regarding the feedback process? What specific plan for providing positive reinforcement will you implement?

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