Psychology Question

For each Taking Sides assignment, you must:
1) Read the assigned group of short articles (an introductory piece, two position papers, and, in some cases, a concluding piece).
2) Read the Controversy Question that you should consider. Then, write a 2- to 3-page response paper, where you answer the following two questions:
o First, briefly summarize the main arguments of each of the two articles within the reading.
Then, answer: What were the strengths of each? What were the weaknesses of each? (These items should be described in at least 1 page, double spaced.)
o For example, you could comment on the quality of the samples or studies that they describe, additional variables or contexts they failed to consider, the justification for their hypotheses, the rigor of their statistical analyses, the interpretations of their findings, the limitations of the study, or a combination of these.
o Then, answer: What do YOU believe, regarding the assignment question? Why did you reach this conclusion? You must reference information from at least one of the assigned articles to help you support your answer. (These items should be described in at least 1 page, double-spaced.)
o In addition to referencing the assigned reading(s), you may also draw on information from class or the textbook, personal experiences/opinions, outside sources/articles, or a combination of these to justify your argument. If you refer to a source/article other than the textbook, class lecture, or assigned reading, please include a reference at the end of your paper.
Each paper should be at least 2 full pages (but no more than 3 pages) double-spaced, and be carefully and thoughtfully written in a professional tone, including correct grammar (no slang) and use of APA citations (see examples on next page). Your ideas must be presented clearly and in an organized manner.
Consistent with APA style, you MUST use 12-point Times New Roman font with 1-inch margins. You should NOT include a large space on the first page prior to beginning the text of your paper, as this takes up space from the paper’s body.
In-Text Citation Format in APA Style
*Note: For these papers, you DO NOT need to include a separate reference page (unless you reference an outside source that is not the textbook, lecture, or assigned reading). You also do not need to include a cover/title page. However, you MUST provide in-text citations in correct APA format.
When citing the readings or textbook, you must cite the authors’ last names and year of publication. Your in-text citations should look like one of these two:
1) According to Ackard, Eisenberg, and Neumark-Sztainer (2012), dating violence is harmful to adolescents.
2) Dating violence is harmful to adolescents (Ackard, Eisenberg,

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