Psychology Question

Assignment 2 “Applying Erikson” DUE 10/31 before 11:59 to D2L
For this assignment, pick a famous or historic or influential older adult (non-relative) who has lived a long full life. This individual can be alive or dead and can be from long ago or someone who has lived in your lifetime. Once you have chosen your individual, you will write a short essay (3 min. paragraphs) where you will apply specific stages from Erikson’s 8 stages. How will you apply this? You will want to describe the major events of your chosen person’s life and describe how they relate to specific stages in Erikson’s theory. The more connections you make the stronger your essay will be. You of course, will want to begin your short essay by describing who the person is, about how long a life they have or are living, and briefly why you chose them.
Tips for writing assignment formatting:
Make sure this is a full one page essay. Your header should only include your Name and Assignment #. The rest of the essay should be double spaced with one inch margins. If you go over the one page, anything over a couple of lines on the next page will cause a reduction in points. So please be succinct! You will be graded based on addressing all aspects of the assignment prompt as well as overall quality of writing (e.g., editing/proofing errors).

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