Psychology Question

Personal interest In this I want you to write five pages about a topic in Psychopathology that you are interested in. You will use three references or more. There must be five pages of content, which means that if you have a cover page that means you will add that to your length. References are not included in this length. References must be APA formatted. You can write more if you choose. I do check for spelling and grammar.
My rubric for grading this is a bit generous.
10 points for the assignment being grammatically correct
10 points for “coherence”, meaning I can follow what you said.
10 points for APA style (sorry, but we can’t get away from it.)
20 points for the minimal length (prorated with points reduced if you submit something shorter)
10 points for the minimal number of references
40 points for your choice of topics and your application, including 10 points for telling me why this topic is of interest to you, 20 points for making the topic about psychopathology, and 10 points for applying something you learned in this class. If you have a novel topic that might not fit here, I will gladly be more generous.

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