Read, Summarize, and Analyze

Read each chapter, summarize each chapter, analyze the most important information in each chapter, and prepare discussion questions for each chapter.
Prompt: Read the assignments and submit a summary/analysis on a Word document to the correct assignment portal on Canvas by the due date. Separate the summary and analysis paragraphs. You should be able to fit Note 5 on one page and Innovation Strategies Combined on a second page.
Guidelines: Assignment submissions for EACH reading should include the following 3 parts (use APA title page or MLA header).
Summary is condensing the reading in your own words and should be 150 words.
Analysis is your examination and interpretation of each reading. Information can include how you would apply the reading to class, work, or your future profession. This information should be 100 words
Compose 3 reading questions for in-class group discussions. Reading questions can consist of: Questions you have about the readings; anything you wish to have clarified; anything you think would be worth discussing during class.

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